Thursday, August 26, 2004

Why does Pinocchio want to be a real boy???

We've all heard the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet that wanted to be a real boy (and if you havn't dang, you got issues)

anyhow but why, I mean he was a wooden puppet magically brought to life. If he lost a limb, a new one could be made, he didn't have to eat, or poop. I mean seriously, why be a real boy? There's hormones, and emotions and just complex crap

Sure the grass looks greener, but it isn't

Don't you wish you weren't a real....

Adsense, and me

Well adsense has joined blogger, and what will I do but let it help me

I love money, just like you and free money, thus adsense will come to my blog, and it will live here, you will click it, and I will get money, get it? ok cool

Adsense is finally some fresh air in irrevalent advertising, and I am very greedy like the rest of you, thus want money, lol

So ads on here, to stay.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Thank God for Gmail Invites!

Hey I've had my gmail account for quite a while now (since the end of April)

and used to get a lot of invites, but my account has been in an invite drought until today!

I finally got two gmail invites, I love giving these things away, some people act like it's the best thing ever and really gmail is!

I mean back in April I would have rather used gmail in it's current state then any other free webmail, it makes email the way it's supose to be

Fast, easy, and just awesome, it's hard to explain, I wish I had a million invites to show all of you with but I don't. Luckily Gmail will exit beta soon, and everyone can get gmail accounts

I love Google, it's seriously the best major company ever, I think gmail is the begging of it taking down Microsoft, AOL, and another blow to Yahoo

and even without Gmail coming out of beta yet, it has propmted Yahoo to up accounts from 4mb to 100mb and hotmail from 2mb to 250mb

So awesome, all cause of google!

Google Rocks!


Sunday, August 22, 2004

Superglue + Frustration = Oh Crap

Ok today my the clip release on my airsoft BB gun broke, so I decide to attempt to fix it using superglue

First attempt didn't work, then the second failed, over and over till I lost all sanity

Now I have superglue on my knee, hands, and yes inside my mouth, btw it doesn't taste good

So the moral of this story is Superglue sucks, grr o well that's life

Advertising, HAHA

I've noticed thoughout the last few years that advertising has started losing it's point

I mean unless you have enough cash to burn your logo into people's brain's noone remember's what commercial's are for

Orignally when advertising started it wasn't everywhere, thus it burned into our brain's and we could remember it but now we see it so much that we are desentised, and it doesn't stay with us unless we see the same commercial or banner ad 40 times, then we might remember it

Basically I'm saying that all these advertisers are screwed, the only breath of fresh air is "adsense" by google, but despite being relative, it still isn't hardly noticed

So basically aduse is dying, so what's next?

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

New Blog

Hello I've decided to leave Xanga for Blogger, sick of xanga, though noone is coming with me, I feel this will be a much better home

I plan on changing the style of my blog, to make it more useful and such. So check in every now and then to see wut's up