Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Orleans

First off my prays go out to all of those affected or with loved ones affected by Hurricane Katrina (clorox will donate a doaller if you go here)

Now secondly...what government allows people live below sea level, in an active hurricane area. I mean wtf! Time and time again man has proven to be no match for nature, nature can't be deafeated, heck we can't even contain her. We build entire cities wiping out nature...yet if you look nature intergates into the city, possums, bugs, plants, learn to live in evironments that we have totally changed. Yet the US allows people to live below sea the ocean...and the mississipi...and in hurricane country. Bad Idea.

As well, who the hell would have the lack of common sense to live there?! This seems to be the traditional "well john just crossed did it, so I'll be fine" type crap that we americans like to pull "oh well they used this stratigy in the civil war so it'll work great in Iraq...ya I don't think so.

In other news...I am buying up property in New Orleans...10 bucks per an acre...any sellers?