Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Beauty of Games

An increasing tread in games is disturbing, if w follow this path, games we suck. Of course we won't. The true beauty of games is that we can create an alterior reality. Yet we seem to be trying to make a fake reality. Why? The fact is reality sucks. Often the reason we play games is to forget reality. So why are game designers making games realistic, why do we need all this freakin technology in halo? I mean let's just call it magic, it doesn't matter if it makes sense. It just matters that it is fun. Simulation games have reached a point in which they really can simulate reality and that killed them (well and EA buying maxis). Nintendo is the one company that doesn't seem to be lost in what gamers want. They are just lazy or lacking funds, for instance Lugi's Mansion, great game. I mean it had this creepyness yet not scaryiness to it, these animated ghosts, have nothing to do with reality and made no sense. But it was still fun. Had no replay value and no multiplayer, not exact sure how that could've been improved, adding more gameplay would've been nice, maybe a few noozles to the vacuum, lol (reference to Mario Sunshine). Anyways the point is Nintendo remains on the right track on there games, the gamecube was lacking but the revolution will pick up the slack. Will game developers other then them get it right? No, not till a serious of failures when they get the ability to totally make a Fake Reality. So I'll be playing nintendo crap and old games in a couple of years only. Or maybe I'm wrong and the industry will wake-up. I certainly see microsoft running towards ruin. And Sony's luck I believe is running out, I think microsoft is capable of changing it's path. But I think the ps2 may have been Sony's last sucessful system. hmm lost the focus of this post, oh well my point is. Game Designers I don't want fake reality, I want a brand-new one!