Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Orleans

First off my prays go out to all of those affected or with loved ones affected by Hurricane Katrina (clorox will donate a doaller if you go here)

Now secondly...what government allows people live below sea level, in an active hurricane area. I mean wtf! Time and time again man has proven to be no match for nature, nature can't be deafeated, heck we can't even contain her. We build entire cities wiping out nature...yet if you look nature intergates into the city, possums, bugs, plants, learn to live in evironments that we have totally changed. Yet the US allows people to live below sea the ocean...and the mississipi...and in hurricane country. Bad Idea.

As well, who the hell would have the lack of common sense to live there?! This seems to be the traditional "well john just crossed did it, so I'll be fine" type crap that we americans like to pull "oh well they used this stratigy in the civil war so it'll work great in Iraq...ya I don't think so.

In other news...I am buying up property in New Orleans...10 bucks per an acre...any sellers?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Beauty of Games

An increasing tread in games is disturbing, if w follow this path, games we suck. Of course we won't. The true beauty of games is that we can create an alterior reality. Yet we seem to be trying to make a fake reality. Why? The fact is reality sucks. Often the reason we play games is to forget reality. So why are game designers making games realistic, why do we need all this freakin technology in halo? I mean let's just call it magic, it doesn't matter if it makes sense. It just matters that it is fun. Simulation games have reached a point in which they really can simulate reality and that killed them (well and EA buying maxis). Nintendo is the one company that doesn't seem to be lost in what gamers want. They are just lazy or lacking funds, for instance Lugi's Mansion, great game. I mean it had this creepyness yet not scaryiness to it, these animated ghosts, have nothing to do with reality and made no sense. But it was still fun. Had no replay value and no multiplayer, not exact sure how that could've been improved, adding more gameplay would've been nice, maybe a few noozles to the vacuum, lol (reference to Mario Sunshine). Anyways the point is Nintendo remains on the right track on there games, the gamecube was lacking but the revolution will pick up the slack. Will game developers other then them get it right? No, not till a serious of failures when they get the ability to totally make a Fake Reality. So I'll be playing nintendo crap and old games in a couple of years only. Or maybe I'm wrong and the industry will wake-up. I certainly see microsoft running towards ruin. And Sony's luck I believe is running out, I think microsoft is capable of changing it's path. But I think the ps2 may have been Sony's last sucessful system. hmm lost the focus of this post, oh well my point is. Game Designers I don't want fake reality, I want a brand-new one!

Friday, October 29, 2004

New Drugs Starting Soon

Hey all, sunday night I will start stratterra, this drug is known for causing modd swings, irritablity and other crap

so if after someday I begin actign like a jerk sorry, the side effects should wear off after a month

I am praying this drug works to help my add, ugh, things have been tough I havn't been getting anything done. I don't wanna go on this drug cause you are always on it, which is gonna suck. I dislike the idea of always being drugged, so just please understand if I'm more of a dickhead then usual

Monday, September 27, 2004

Triangle Pixels

Ok all I've had this idea floating around for a week or two, and like it, almost all pictures on the computer are made up of pixels, pixels are basically just squares of one color of the screen

I think that for photos we need to make a new type of pixel a triangle one

I mean think about it have you ever like zoomed in on a picture and noticed all the squares, now turn each square into a equilateral triangle and you have like twice as good of a picture

Maybe I'm work on making my own format or something, hmm

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

AP Nonsense

Hmm, thought I'd share this tidbit, I have an AP class this year

The first essay we did was suppose to be 350 - 400 words long

The day after turning it in, the teacher said they were too wordy


Truly Radical

For the past several years I have had a conflict, this conflict is which side to take or to stay neutral in life

You see there are three types of people in American society, there are those who serve themselves (the small group of elites who control the puppets), those who want to serve everyone, and those who serve neither (which are usually the victims of the ones who serve themselves)

America has lost many freedoms secretly in the last hundred years, sure they are many complaints about lose of freedoms, but usually only on the distractions, events that take place merely to take the focus off that which matters.

I believe that every system in America needs radical rebuilt, no part should come from anything existing, rather it needs to be built off the unimagables, things that have so been ironed out of our minds that we cannot even see anymore

The internet was a mistake, and one that the self-servers will pay for

A Shred of Sense

I've never been good with words, but I've always understood how the school system destroys us

I found someone who explains it quite well,

Please read it, realize who controls your life, break away

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Just an Aimless Wander

heh, I've always had messed up emotions

Something to do with all the twisting of my mind, but it's been funny lately

On Saturday I went over to Matt's, didn't think anything of it but the other people their was his gf, and then mark and kat (mark's gf), so anyways the thing turned into basically a freakin couple thing

I've never really considered myself to be a jealous person, but I was

Just the concept of having someone their for you, just like a brother only much more

I have no intention of every really having a relationship such as this, I used too, but failure taught me that I simply don't have that ability, my mind is simply too odd, too unpredictable

I can behave for a time, but after an hour or so, I just lose it, it's not a concious decision but simply inability to focus, to remeber what I should do

I am jealous of Mark and Matt, jealous at the moment, jealous of them having something that I can't quite even gasp the concept of

I usually prefer to keep my blog unpersonal, but I just simply wander, I have no real companions, I refuse to open up, to tell anyone anything real

I prefer masks, the shadow, I would rather hide in the darkness, then to try and be in the light

I claim I take risks, and I do, but not the right sort, I'm a coward, I'm afraid that if I allow someone to truely know me, that then I would have something to lose, that relationship

and I hate losing.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Why does Pinocchio want to be a real boy???

We've all heard the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet that wanted to be a real boy (and if you havn't dang, you got issues)

anyhow but why, I mean he was a wooden puppet magically brought to life. If he lost a limb, a new one could be made, he didn't have to eat, or poop. I mean seriously, why be a real boy? There's hormones, and emotions and just complex crap

Sure the grass looks greener, but it isn't

Don't you wish you weren't a real....

Adsense, and me

Well adsense has joined blogger, and what will I do but let it help me

I love money, just like you and free money, thus adsense will come to my blog, and it will live here, you will click it, and I will get money, get it? ok cool

Adsense is finally some fresh air in irrevalent advertising, and I am very greedy like the rest of you, thus want money, lol

So ads on here, to stay.